WINDMILLDMEP is a U.S.-based consulting firm with a focus on providing security services to Latin America. DMEP has experience in implementing and developing security projects for established companies in the United States and Latin America. They have been extremely successful in creating long-lasting relationships with government and businesses in Mexico, and are confident they will build even more relationships as DMEP continues to grow.

DMEP’s success is proven by a unique blend of knowledge and experience in national security and Federal Law Enforcement. This unique experience sets DMEP apart due to the breadth of industry and governmental knowledge, experience, and the relationships built and maintained with industry leaders worldwide.

DMEP and its affiliates have experience providing quality innovative security solutions to oil and gas companies, and particularly in securing pipeline infrastructures in Mexico. Whether it be surveying pipelines or providing physical security for refineries, these services have proven to be successful in helping DMEP build and maintain relationships with oil and gas companies around the world.


DMEP has proven experience providing security assessments to energy companies in Latin America. The security environment during these assessments was dynamic and in a constant flux. DMEP maintained a clear understanding of the elements related to the threat, risk, and risk mitigation which was proven to be successful during each engagement provided by DMEP.


    To be the premier provider of quality innovative security solutions and related services in selected North American and Latin American markets.


    Our future prosperity is directly linked to the prosperity of our customers. We strive for excellence and nothing less. It is our intention to provide quality innovative security solutions that lead our customers to excel in their respective industries around the world.


    To provide exceptional service and security solutions through dedication and excellence.